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 Our Process:


We reach out and have a conversation to understand what you are looking for. We discuss what you can expect and ultimately learn: “Are we a good fit for each other?”

Shorty After initial visit an estimate will be create, depending the size of the job, this usually done within a week or less, this will show you every detail of the entire job how much will cost and all items to be used.

When the estimate is approved the next step will be signing  a contract and schedule the job at client home, In this phase, we finalize the budget and our work agreement in order to start full engagement, here is when the fun begins.

Our crew will provide you with respect, courtesy, daily  progress, and cleanest and safest as possible job site.

When the project is fully finished is the time for walk through and do a final punch list.

Now its the time to enjoy your new  or renovated home and start recommend Polo Builders to your friends and family.


Four reasons to remodeling your home:

  1. Enhanced    your   property 

  2. Customize your property

  3. Match your life-style

  4. Improve Appeal

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